Important Stuff …

There’s a lot of ‘stuff’ on sustainability whirling about these days – as always, here are a couple of items to read, view or experience – items which, we here […]

Biodiversity: It’s All Around Us!

Building on the success of last year’s art competition, Sustainable Orillia has launched, what promises to become an annual event – our 2023 art contest. This year students from local […]

A Message from Stan …

As we enter our first full year without COVID restrictions, Sustainable Orillia is excited about the events and projects we have planned for 2023. We will kick off the year […]

What’s New @ Sustainable Orillia?

Lots and let’s start with some exciting news – Orillia Matters has nominated both Sustainable Orillia and the Sustainable Orillia Youth Council for their newly launched “Community Builders’ Awards”. Sustainable […]