Sustainability Sectors

We believe in a “big tent” approach in which all of the diverse interests of our community can find encouragement, tools, advice and  a place to enhance sustainability practices that mean the most to them.

With that in mind, we believe that within the sectors below (example interests shown), everyone will find a focus and will maximize community interest and engagement:

  1. Agriculture and Natural Capital
    Growing food, diet, local sourcing, waste, supply, sharing, pollinators, carbon sinks (natural sequestering) tree planting, habitat preservation and restoration, storm water mgt, source water protection, water and land pollution (plastics, chlorides, nitrates, phosphate).
  2. Arts and Culture
    Leadership in societal change – art, music, theatre, writing…
  3. Education and Youth
    Youth Council, Informal, Formal, and Non-formal systems targeting children to seniors
  4. Goods and Services
    Reuse, recycling, packaging, single use plastic eco tourism, reduced carbon footprint, green marinas, carbon offsets
  5. Health and Wellness
    Physical, mental, emotional health, Direct and indirect impact of climate change, Climate action (mitigation and adaptation), Children’s wellbeing – now and in the future, Environmental determinants of health, The role of natural capital on human society.
  6. Infrastructure and Energy
    Electrification of vehicles,, active transport, solar, wind, green, affordable housing, densification of development, environmental balance between development and supporting resources, eco-footprint of development, building and operations, socially responsible investment, carbon market/pricing.

Sector Chair Leaders

  • Agriculture and Natural Capital – Sector Chair – Bernard Pope, Vice Chair- Mike Douglas
  • Infrastructure and Energy –  Sector Chair and Transportation Chair  Dave VanAlstyne;  Vice Chair; Energy – Tyler Hunt, VIce Chair Housing- Mike Jones; Vice Chair Development- Sophie Mathewson; Vice Chair Investment- Jackie Ramler
  • Goods and Services (4Rs focus) – Chair – Audrey Bayens 
  • Education and Youth – Co-Chairs- John Knapp, Michael Shillolo, Ellen Field and Youth Chair – Zac Waite
  • Health and Wellness – Chair- Robb MacDonald
  • Arts and Culture – Chair – Gillian Lowry