Sustainable Orillia:
Youth Council

The Sustainable Orillia Youth Council is a way to connect the different schools across Orillia so that students are able share their knowledge and experience with others. This connects youth environmental projects to increase their speed, scale and influence. The members are passionate about making a difference in our community by spreading awareness about sustainability and creating initiatives to better the sustainability of Orillia and its residents.

The Youth Council is always accepting new members from all of the schools across Orillia to help represent their school, help with the Council’s projects or scale their own projects. 

Our Mission: Strengthen leadership and environmental activism from youth to build rewarding and healthy lives for us, the future citizens of Orillia and the world.

Our Vision: Youth are taking the lead on environmental action for their future. Youth receive a quality education on climate change and sustainability. They understand the urgency needed but look to the future with positivity. With this, sustainability becomes more than a box on a checklist, it becomes a lens through which everyone in the world sees.

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How to Maintain Food Waste

How to Maintain Food Waste

by Emerson Garces


There are many ways on how to lower the amount of food you waste in a day by simply acknowledging how much food you take, thinking you will eat it all.

Here are some methods on how to lower the amount of food you waste:

1)​ Shop Smarter
purchasing more food than needed results in a large amount of food waste; whether it is the food going bad from not being used, or just the fact that you did not eat it.

2) ​Proper Storage of Food
efficiently storing your food can help reduce a large amount of food that can go bad. A huge contributor to food spoiling is the fact that some foods produce more ethylene gas than others. The ethylene ripens the food faster which leads to the spoilage of the food. Foods that produce ethylene gas include:

●  Bananas

●  Avocados

●  Tomatoes

●  Cantaloupes

●  Peaches

●  Pears

●  Green Onions

Tip:​ Keep other types of food away from these fruits and vegetables because the ethylene gas that they emit can spoil any food nearby.

3) ​Donate Unused Food to Food Banks
If there is food in your pantry or fridge that you know you or your family are not going to eat then donating it before it expires to a food bank is an effective way of reducing food waste. This way, you are cutting down the amount of food you throw out within your family and you are donating to people who are in need of that extra food.