Sustainability Projects


Sustainable Orillia 50 Shades of Green Summary 2020

1. Agriculture & Natural Capital – Focus on (growing food, diet, local sourcing, waste, supply, sharing, pollinators, carbon sinks( natural sequestering) tree planting, habitat preservation and restoration, storm water mgt, source water protection, water and land pollution( plastics, chlorides, nitrates, phosphates)

Projects include:

  • Workshops/Classes on Cooking Plant Based Meals,
  • Focus on decreasing food waste
  • More and better community gardens
  • Expanded Community Garden at Lakehead University
  • Incorporation of indigenous medicine and “three sisters” into community gardens
  • Identifying Food Deserts – Food access map
  • Engaging Youth in farming
  • Conversion of Couchiching Park greenhouse to an educational garden
  • Sundial Creek Project – sustaining a cold water stream in the city
  • Promotion of Pollinator Gardens
  • Tree planting – both rural and urban – May 2020
  • Promote and enhance advanced Storm Water Management

Sector Chair – Bernard Pope , Vice Chair – Mike Douglas


2. Arts and Culture – focus on – leadership in societal change – art, music, theatre, writing…

Projects Include:

  • Promote sustainability concepts and necessary behavioural change through arts- graphic and performance
  • Participate at Sustainable Orillia Community Events

Sector Chair – Gillian Lowry


3. Education and Youth – Focus on – Youth Council, Informal, Formal, and Nonformal systems targeting children to seniors

Projects Include:

  • Support for Youth Council and its Projects e.g. Boomerang Bags
  • Ensure Sustainability is incorporated in Professional Development
  • Support the Climate Strike in a community focused non partisan fashion
  • Encourage development of a Sustainable Orillia Youth Council and support their voices for sustainable actions
  • Develop and Implements a series of sustainable community education events

Sector Co-Chairs – Ellen Field, Mike Shillolo, John Knapp

Youth Council Chair – Zac Waite


4. Goods and Services- focus on reuse, recycling, packaging, single use plastic, green business, eco-tourism, green marinas, carbon offsets…

Projects Include:

  • Ban the sale of single use plastic water bottle on city property and at city events
  • Support declaration of Orillia as a “Blue Community”
  • Plan and Implement Waste Management Seminar with WMAC for Sustainable Orillia Month

Sector Chair – Audrey Bayens


5. Health and Wellness- Focus on – physical, mental, emotional health, Impacts of climate change, Health risks due to environmental impairment …

Projects Include:

  • Educate about the adverse impacts of climate change on health and wellness
  • Introducing the youth of Orillia (through school programs) to healthier choices and new ways of food preparation.
  • Increase active transportation by promoting walking, biking on trails and safe streets as well as hosting an ORILLIA MOVES event in conjunction with Infrastructure and Energy

Sector Chair – Robb MacDonald


6. Infrastructure & Energy – Focus on (Electrification of vehicles,, active transport, solar, wind, green, affordable housing, densification of development, environmental balance between development and supporting resources, eco-footprint of development, building and operations, socially responsible investment, carbon market/pricing)

Projects Include:

  • Bring Back the Clothesline –energy savings
  • Organize Electric Vehicle Demonstration Day
  • Eliminate Idling of gas and diesel vehicles
  • Lobby for more electric vehicle charging stations
  • Lobby to install more bike racks around City
  • Research and encourage municipalities and First Nations to adopt electric vehicles in their fleets and service provider’s fleets ( buses, garbage trucks, etc)
  • Research “Energy from Waste” opportunities and related innovations regarding waste
  • Research Community funding models for “behind the meter” energy storage
  • Research and develop a business case for hybrid and electric vehicles under differing scenarios
  • Support energy alternative partnerships such as with Energy Exchange (Pollution Probe)
  • Map all potential stakeholders with respect to more efficient, effective energy and transportation in our community
  • Support the City’s Climate Action plan
  • Promotion of green standards for new buildings
  • Facilitation of low cost loans for energy efficient retrofits
  • Promote zoning by law amendments to allow for affordable, mixed use, energy efficient, densification of development, net zero developments
  • Research means of densifying but remaining green and appealing
  • Map all potential stakeholder with respect to more efficient, effective, appealing buildings in our community
  • Organize Net Zero Seminar for Sustainable Orillia Month
  • Organize Seminar on the ROI of Sustainability for Sustainable Orillia Month
  • Develop campaign to promote Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) investment
  • Educate the investor in how to support sustainability
  • Develop campaign to support branding of Orillia as a sustainable city
  • Investigate how to incentivize sustainable development and building practices
  • Research, Develop and Implement a Sustainable Business certification system
  • Research, Develop and Fund community investment in sustainable projects and retrofits
  • Lever Orillia as a “smart city” in promotion of Sustainable Orillia

Sector Chair – Dave VanAlstyne, Energy Vice Chair – Tyler Hunt, Housing Vice Chair – Mike Jones, Development Vice Chair – Sophie Mathewson, Investment Vice Chair – Jackie Ramler



Municipal (Public) Sector – Focus on Climate Change response/adaption, efficiencies, innovation…

  • Climate Change Action Plan

Leader – City of Orillia – Renee Recoskie)