Hip Chick Design – Innovative, Stylish and Sustainable Clothing

Hip Chick Design is a clothing designer, manufacturer and supplier with a difference. Located here in Orillia, this unique and successful business is the brainchild of Beth McKean and over the past ten years, it has grown significantly. Hip Chick Design combines unique, compelling design with sustainable principles – a high integrity and successful business model.

The Hip Chick line of clothing is designed and assembled in Beth’s home studio. It is a seasonal clothing line, made from upcycled materials such as denims, cottons, cotton blends, mixed fibres and wool. Fabications that have been deconstructed from gently used clothing are repurposed as part of a Hip Chick original design. These one-of-a-kind creations become wearable art and are made with both the modern-day woman and the environment in mind.

Beth is a creative being who enjoys exploring many aspects of the arts. Among other pursuits, Beth is a singer/songwriter, dancer, knitter, crafter and practitioner of the healing arts. Sewing became a hobby for Beth many years ago. She focused initially on items for her little girls, such as dolls and dolls’ clothing, kids’ purses and eventually kids’ clothing. Through experience, Beth developed an understanding of clothing design and began altering and creating clothing for herself. When Beth learned about the tonnes of discarded clothing and textiles sent to landfills every year, she decided to do her bit and started producing her designs from recycled fabrics. Beth started receiving many requests from parents or women to make items for their children or themselves and what started as a hobby was now morphing into a business.

At the outset, Beth attended local Farmers’ Markets and smaller craft bazaars throughout the Orillia/Muskoka area with her samples. From those grass-roots beginnings, Hip Chick Design has grown and today there is an on-line store and website, plus many retail outlets throughout Ontario carrying Hip Chick merchandise. There are custom projects as well, some of which are very meaningful for her clients. And although there is a small team working as contract sewers to meet demand, Beth is still the number one contributor, as sole designer and the face you will meet through any interaction with Hip Chick Design. Her philosophy is evidenced in products that are beautifully hand-crafted, creative and comfortable, while leaving a reduced carbon footprint.


Looking ahead, Beth is building on two sources of inspiration … one is the feedback she receives from her clients and the other draws upon her long-time practice of reiki healing. Although Beth’s clients are enthusiastic about the playfulness of her clothes, plus the creativity and sustainability of her designs; they never fail to mention how well they feel when wearing one of Hip Chicks’ Designs. Beth attributes much of this to the energy she infuses into each of her pieces. Energy she believes that conveys warmth, comfort and well-being for the wearer. Beth will continue to up-cycle gently used fabrications in her designs, while leaning more towards what she calls protective garments. Items like shawls that wrap around the wearer, imparting a heightened sense of well-being.

Going forward, as in-person venues open up again for trunk shows, trade shows and fairs… Beth is looking forward to getting out there with her Hip Chick Designs… bringing more of her special energy to new distribution channels and a growing market or this unique, sustainable and energizing clothing line.

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