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Sustainability means living within our Planet's limits.

Our Mission

To support local businesses in providing sustainable, waste-free, repairable, long-life products and services.

In Pursuit of the Global Economy …

We are focused on enhancing the understanding and implementation of Circular Economy principles:

  • Keep products and materials in use
  • Design out waste and pollution
  • Regenerate natural systems.
Circular economy diagram
In Pursuit of the Circular Economy
Little girl holding a bag of plastic water bottles for recycling
get involved:

The damaging effects of Climate Change are coming at us like a locomotive and time is running out to effectively counter its effects.   One way to help is join the Sustainable Orillia Goods & Services Sector Team.   Our small, but active committee meets once a month and we are looking for new members to join.   We are looking for volunteers/partners to give us insight into business management and manufacturing processes, as well as retail distribution.

We want to provide recognition for businesses with sustainable practices and values.

The Goods & Services team is working toward increasing recognition for Orillia businesses whose values and practices support sustainability. These businesses may be recognized in numerous way, including:  

  • Be featured as a sustainable business in local media
  • Have your best practices posted on Sustainable Orillia’s Facebook page (and shared)
  • Be included on a list of  successful case studies on the Sustainable Orillia  website
  • Have your business profile posted on the Sustainable Orillia website (logo and link)
CLose up of hand assembling a bicycle
Beth from Hip Chick Studio standing at a table with piles of cloth

We want to work with local businesses interested in becoming more sustainable on an individual basis, to explore customized solutions one-on-one, as able.  We welcome all local businesses to reach out to us, to identify their particular challenges in creating more sustainable practices. We will then take those challenges and explore appropriate resources, such as putting together a think tank or task force, customized to that business’ specific needs. Ideally the outcome would be to identify solutions to those challenges.

See how local clothing producer,  Hip Chick Design applies sustainable practices to their upcycled clothing and ready-to-wear line.  Hand crafted, using eco-conscious fibres, recycled or end of roll materials – all saved from ending up in landfill.  Learn more …

Engage community and businesses in evolving toward a sustainable city.

Our planet cannot sustain our current level of resource exploitation.  We will encourage local manufacturers and other businesses to adopt circular economy principles though innovative design. Our goal is to develop a strong network of businesses and community to build an understanding and trust in Circular Economy principles and how they can benefit businesses, consumers and the public.

We're Focusing On:

Enhancing the understanding of the Circular Economy principles, benefits and opportunities in Orillia’s public and business community. 

We want to 

  • Give support and recognition to Orillia businesses who are working on sustainability values and practices.
  • Create opportunities to work with businesses, one-on-one, to develop and implement sustainability practices
  • Encourage networking – for information sharing and a holistic view of progress across the business sector
  • Measure the number of people who engage with our awareness campaign.
Sector Chair – Audrey Bayens

Join Us

Join Us - group of hands together in circle

The Sustainability Movement here in Orillia is vital and your participation and support is critical. Join us as volunteers, friends and/or donors.. Your contributions directly support keeping this movement growing and going.

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