Infrastructure & Energy

Making new choices to transform our community

We're Exploring Alternative and Affordable Solutions

From renewable energy and green construction to electric vehicles and socially responsible investment, we can all take steps to make Orillia a more sustainable community.

We're Focusing On

  • Electrification of vehicles
  • Active transportation technologies and behaviours to reduce GHG emissions
  • Solar, wind and other renewable energy
  • Energy storage and distribution
  • Energy conservation and reduction policies and technologies
  • Green affordable housing including retrofitting old stock and net zero new
  • Achieving sustainability of development by promoting balance between financial capital and associated natural capital
  • Eco-footprint of development including promoting densification of new development, building and operations
  • Socially responsible investment

Sector Chair  and Vice Chair: Transportation & Energy – Dave VanAlstyne
Acting Vice Chair: Energy –  Tim Adamson
Vice Chair: Housing –  Mike Jones
Vice Chair: Development –  Sophie Mathewson
Vice Chair: Investment – Jackie Ramler

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