Help us make Orillia a net-zero emissions community by 2050.

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Thank you for considering a donation to Sustainable Orillia. Here's why your contribution is important.

We are already well into a world-wide climate crisis and the consequences of not acting now threaten not only the future quality of life on this planet, but potentially our very survival. Orillia and its citizens may escape the most damaging effects of climate change for a while, but sooner, rather than later, every corner of our beautiful planet will be impacted – the climate crisis is an existential threat for all of us, but in particular for our children and grandchildren.

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Net Zero by 2050

Sustainable Orillia was launched in spring 2019. Its mandate was to be a resource and rallying force for all Orillians to come together to make the decisions and changes necessary to bring Orillia’s carbon footprint down to zero by 2050.

To do so, we need the support and donations of citizens like you to build and implement programs and events that will increase the climate literacy of the community, while encouraging every citizen to support—and take—the necessary steps to overcome the climate crisis.

During the pandemic, Sustainable Orillia has leveraged its communication platforms and programs to remain relevant and in the public eye. Now, as in-person venues begin to open up for workshops, events and meetings, face-to-face opportunities to motivate and inform a broader audience are emerging. We have an ambitious strategy in place to help Orillia reach their goal of net-zero emissions by 2050, but to do so we need financial support.

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Advocating for change

Until recently, Sustainable Orillia has been an entirely volunteer-led and volunteer-run operation. Recently, thanks to a short-term grant from ECO Canada, we have been able to fund a part-time resource person who helps with coordination and administration. Along with more volunteers, a dedicated, paid resource is one of our greatest needs – a full-time person to coordinate our growing number of projects. You’ll find a summary of current and planned Sustainable Orillia projects below.

Your donations will help ensure that we have the resources to advocate, educate, communicate and participate in programs that will reduce our overall emissions and protect our wonderful community’s future. Please give generously.

Donate and become a Member

Donations of any amount are welcome and by making a financial donation to Sustainable Orillia, you become a ‘Member’ of the organization. Membership isn’t an obligation, simply an opportunity for you, as a donor, to have a line of sight into the organization, its goals and operations.

Most importantly, membership provides information on how Sustainable Orillia is deploying the resources you and others have chosen to contribute. Providing this line of sight is consistent with our commitment to transparency and with our goal to include as many Orillia citizens as possible in this critical movement.

In addition to individuals;  associations and businesses (corporations) are also encouraged to make donations. In such cases one member of the organization may be designated as the contact person for communication purposes.

For purposes of voting at the Annual General Meeting, a donor corporation or association will be registered as one member, with one vote. If more than one person in a participating organization wishes to join,  they are invited to make a personal donation and become an individual ‘Member.’ The more members Sustainable Orillia has, the greater impact our voice and movement can have for sustainability in our community.

As a member of Sustainable Orillia, you are vested with the following rights:

  • To attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting on all matters pertaining to the priorities and oversight of the organization, including the election of the Board of Directors;
  • To table proposals at the Annual General Meeting;
  • To be nominated for the Board of Directors;
  • Eligibility to become a member of, or chair, a Sector Committee.

Sustainable Orillia is a not-for-profit organization. We need and appreciate your support to keep this critical movement growing in our community.

Thank you for your support.

Your donation helps support these current initiatives

  • Orillia’s Climate Future – the city’s community climate-change action plan with a goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.
  • A Hydrogen Strategy for Orillia – a proposal on hydrogen as an alternate energy source; developed by Sustainable Orillia and currently under review by the City.
  • Orillia’s Annual Electric Vehicle Show – a two-day exhibition of electric vehicles; providing hands-on experience and information for prospective buyers.
  • Greenhouse Project – conducted in partnership with the Orillia & District Rotary Club; examining the feasibility of two social enterprise greenhouse installations in Orillia.
  • Thermo-Imaging project – an opportunity to use drone technology to identify emission reduction opportunities across Orillia’s housing stock. Currently in development.
  • Waterfront Re-development – Sustainable Orillia believes strongly that this transformational project must be a net-zero development. We have already provided a deputation to City Council and will continue to monitor, consult and promote net zero guidelines for this project.
  • Youth Council’s Simcoe County Youth Summit (May 2022) – an exciting day-long event focused on the climate emergency for over 200 hundred local secondary and post-secondary students. Featuring guest speakers, workshops and networking opportunities.
  • Promotion of a Circular Economy – one of the biggest opportunities to increase climate literacy across the region is to directly inform and engage businesses and households in a mindset and practice that reduces waste and keeps ‘stuff’ out of landfill.
  • Anti-Idling by-laws – Sustainable Orillia is an advocate of anti-idling by-laws and has provided deputations to City Council on the dangerous toxins created by idling vehicles around the city. This is an ongoing file.
  • Webinars and Educational Programs – an ongoing program, that is particularly relevant during Sustainable Orillia Month. Often presented in partnership with other like-minded organizations.
  • Sustainable Procurement Policies – for businesses, households and governments to have as a reference when making purchasing decisions. Planned for 2022.
  • Ongoing activities such as our Tip of the Week Program, media articles and profiles of people who have joined the fight for sustainability. Social Media postings, formal and informal Education Strategies for local school systems, speaking opportunities and participation in local events with materials, speakers and a booth.

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