Funding your Retrofits

Presenters: This roundtable discussion will feature speakers from Enbridge Gas Distribution, the Independent System Operator for Ontario (the IESO) and Amerispec, all of whom have  energy efficient programs or implement programs in these types of buildings.

About: This roundtable presentation with options for your questions is designed to help you plan to do your energy efficient program that suits you and where you can find the funds to do it

4:00PM-5:00PM September 29th

Sustainable Investing – Aligning your investments with your principles

About: Investors are becoming more aware that their investment dollars can impact how corporations make important decisions with regard to Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance issues. Having qualified financial advice can save not only money and taxes but provide peace of mind in moving forward

Presenter: Jackie Ramler, MBA, CFP®, RIA, CIM®, FCSI™, FMA
Portfolio Manager Raymond James Executive Wealth Advisors

6:00PM-7:00PM September 30th

Understanding How Hydrogen Can Help with our Climate Change Crisis

About: Orillia is in an enviable position having abundant fresh water and a supply of renewable energy with which to generate hydrogen and perhaps become a local hydrogen hub.  This webinar will explain the details of Enbridge’s pilot hydrogen project in Markham and point out how Orillia could benefit from a similar program.  The importance of local support is key.  As Orillia develops its climate change action plan, hydrogen generation and use is one pathway by which we can reduce our emissions and transform our local economy for the future. This webinar will explain the details of what is involved in a hydrogen program.


Sustainable Living – off the Grid

Presenter: Ian Graham

Description: Ian Graham, runs Small Dog Studio and an off-the-grid recording studio as well as teaching audio production classes at Wilfred Laurier University. He also has a passion for renewable energy, electric vehicles, and future technology. He owns two 10KW solar arrays, an off the grid cabin, drives a Tesla Model 3, and has recently converted a gas pontoon boat to electric with solar canopy charging. 

7:00PM-8:00PM September 28th





the power of your money: Does your wallet have a conscience?

Presenters: Jackie Ramler, MBA, CFP®, RIA, CIM®, FCSI™, FMA
Portfolio Manager Raymond James Executive Wealth Advisors Dr. Florin Pendea, Associate Professor of Environmental Sustainability @Departments of Sustainability Sciences and Geography at Lakehead University Mark Bisset, Executive Director@ Couchiching Conservancy Jessica Bentley-Jacobs, Director of Sustainability@ Hydro One

Salt & Our Environment
Presenters: Bill Thompson, Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority Aisha Chiandet, Severn Sound Environmental Association Lee Gould, Smart About Salt Council

Learn about the increasing concentrations of salt in our environment and fresh water, as well as how to use de-icing salt efficiently to reduce environmental harm, yet maintain safety during the icy days ahead.
Green Chip Investing

Jackie Ramler, MBA, CFP®, RIA, CIM®, FCSI™, FMA
Portfolio Manager – Raymond James Executive Wealth Advisors

Jackie has over 24 years of experience in Financial /Investment Planning, specialized in working with corporate owners and executives and their families to grow, preserve and enjoy their wealth. Watch this webinar and learn how to align your investment portfolio with your values. Come to understand the concept of supporting Sustainable Capitalism. See how Clean Portfolios have outperformed the TSX in the past few years.

Bullfrog Power Your Home and Business
Presenter: Dave Borins, Community Renewable Projects at Bullfrog Power

Learn how Bullfrog Power helps homes and businesses to get off the grid and ensure energy security while reducing reliance on traditional energy sources.
Understanding the Circular Economy
Presenters: Audrey Bayens, EcoGreen Interactive Marketing owner. Visionary, Curator and Co-collaborator for WeRcircular

Explore how countries around the world are accelerating progress toward achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) through the lens of the “Circular Economy (CE).” Learn how this new reality presents opportunities to achieve sustainability in ways that help us thrive. The Circular Economy is a “toolbox” of ways to achieve many SDG targets. At the core of CE practices is the aim to restore natural capital through a broad range of models such as reuse, repair, refurbishment, remanufacturing, recycling, industrial symbiosis, biomimicry, product-sharing and supporting better design practices.
Climate CHange & Insurance
Presenters: Danielle Tisi, B.S.Sc., LL.B. President, McLean & Dickey Insurance Ltd.

Learn how climate change is impacting the insurance sector dramatically as record weather events are now more common. Explore questions such as: How much longer will we be able to get insurance? What will and will not be insurable? At what cost? You will learn what you can do to mitigate some of the effects weather is having on your property.
Reduce Commercial Building HVAC Costs with AI
Presenters: Brainbox AI

Learn how to manage energy costs from HVAC systems. Help keep energy costs/consumption low in vacant buildings. Learn about managing airborne virus issues. Brainbox AI is proud to be at the forefront of a new era in building automation and a leader in the green building revolution. Located in Montreal, Canada, a global AI hub, their team is composed of experts in the fields of AI, data science, real estate, HVAC and energy efficiency. They are driven by the fact that 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions originate from buildings and that HVAC systems are responsible for over 50% of those emissions.
Sustainable Leaders of the Future
Presenters: Sustainable Orillia Youth Council

Made by the Sustainable Orillia Youth Council, this webinar is made for elementary school students, and teaches about sustainability, nature, pollinators, and making a difference if your community.
Everything You Want To Know About Electric Vehicles 101
Presenters: Kenneth Bokor, Creator, Producer and Host of a YouTube Channel called “The EV Revolution Show”

Discover what the advantages are to driving an electric vehicle, what the options are to go electric in your next vehicle purchase, and where information for a prospective buyer can be found. Kenneth Bokor’s “The EV Revolution Show” objective is to provide education and awareness of the electric vehicle marketplace to consumers. His shows provide a mix of news-style reporting, electric vehicle reviews as well as coverage of related events and has achieved over 13,000 subscribers with more than 1.1 Million views. A resident of Caledon, Kenneth works full-time in the IT Solutions industry and has a wife and daughter, who are also passionate about improving our environment.
How Energy Storage Can Help Municipalities Achieve Their GHG Reduction Goals
Presenters: Karry Lakatos-Hayward, Vice President of Investor Relations and Regulatory Affairs with Storage Power Solutions Inc.

This webinar will be of interest to municipalities and commercial/industrial companies who use significant amounts of electricity (approximately 1 MW) in their operations. As Ontario is forecast to use more natural gas-fired generation to meet future peak demands, energy storage can reduce GHG emissions by shifting electricity use to lower demand periods. Karry is an influential energy and utilities senior leader, with 25+ experience in Ontario’s energy and utility sectors with a proven track record of leading customer experience transformations, driving double digit increases in customer satisfaction while reducing costs. Karry is passionate about creating sustainable energy organizations of the future that will result in superior financial performance and customer experience.