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We're Bringing People Together

We are a network of citizens dedicated to improving the wellness of our community through environmentally sustainable practices across seven critical sectors.

We believe in a “big tent” approach in which all of the diverse
interests of our community can find encouragement, tools, advice and a place to enhance sustainability practices that mean the most to them.

Please Support the Sustainable Orillia Movement

Climate change is happening and we are already beginning to feel the effects right here in Orillia...Make combatting climate change a priority. Help Sustainable Orillia advocate for and deliver projects that will make a meaningful difference.

Electric Vehicle closeup of charging

Electric Vehicle Information Portal

Find out everything you need to know about  Electric Vehicles: purchasing your next EV, cost comparisons and what other owners think.

Sustainability Projects

Our sectors are tackling the issue of sustainability with a number of exciting initiatives. Together we're moving forward to create lasting solutions for future generations in Orillia.

Path to Net Zero Conference

Initial Report on the Path to Net Zero Conference: Recommendations for Community Actions

Mayor McIsaac's Conversation with Sustainable Orillia - His Priorities for Climate Action. 

Orillia's Climate Future

It’s been almost four months since Orillia’s Community Climate Change Action Plan, entitled “Orillia’s Climate Future,” was adopted in principle by Council. There has been a lot going on since then.  It’s time for an update—but first, a recap.