September is Sustainable Orillia month

A Message from Sustainable Orillia’s Vice President, Danny Epstein

Summer at last… the time of year that most of us look forward to as clear evidence that the winter is behind us – even with those late May frosts!

For the natural world, it is a time of reinvigoration as flowers are blooming and animals are waking up for the long winter behind us. A time for mating and nesting and tending to newborns.

For those that are fortunate enough to live adjacent to a water course, the Sustainable Orillia Executive
want to remind you of the importance of maintaining a natural shoreline buffer as well as the avoidance of the use of nitrogen and phosphorus on lawns.

With the longer days and warm temperatures, we can’t help but feel re-energized along with a feeling of optimism. That optimism sometimes translates into thoughts of a new car, a new boat, a new bicycle, a new e-bike, an electric scooter, or a new lawn mower………. If you are having these thoughts, we suggest that you mark August the 5 – 6 on your calendars. Join Sustainable Orillia for our 5th annual ‘All Electric Vehicle Event’ at the Roller Rink at the Orillia Fairgrounds. An event that is growing in importance and numbers every year; which directly supports the Big Move #2 (Transportation) of Orillia’s Climate Future – our community climate change action plan.

Over this past year, Sustainable Orillia has been delighted that many of its events have been met with positive responses from within the community. We believe that these events are having on positive affect on how people perceive their own actions. We have a lot more events planned over the next several months and are hoping to attract more volunteers to help with these activities. If you would like to volunteer and help Sustainable Orillia by providing technical support to a Sector or one of our events, please let us know by emailing
As many readers will know, after four plus years of leading Sustainable Orillia, (since its outset), Stan Mathewson has decided to step aside as Chair and President of Sustainable Orillia (SO), however he will continue as an active board member and lead for the very productive Infrastructure and Energy Sector team.
Stan was a founding member of Sustainable Orillia and his leadership has been instrumental in our evolution as a relevant Not for Profit organization in Orillia. His leadership, energy and enthusiasm has been incredible. Thank you, Stan – your service to Orillia and our region is unparalleled. We are grateful for all your efforts Stan and we look forward to your continuing contributions as we build on your founding legacy in the years ahead.
Have a great summer, sincerely

Danny Epstein

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