The Future of Solar Looks Bright

According to a recent Abacus poll, a majority of Canadians think clean energy is more importantto Canada’s economy than are oil and gas. In every part of the country except the prairies, thesurvey found that a majority of people think clean […]

Thinking About a Home Retrofit? Consider this

by Mike Jones, retired engineer Building construction is responsible for a massive 40% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Given that about 80% of the 40% of the emissions come […]

Building Construction is Changing with the Times

The Orillia-based Lowry Building Co. focuses on sustainable, environmentally-friendly building methods that emit fewer greenhouse gases than conventional construction. Owner Ben Lowry says he’s “mostly interested in energy use, passive-house-style […]

Reducing Housing Emissions: the Easy Steps

Let’s start with a simple truth. While it’s important for citizens of Orillia and elsewhere to reduce their personal emissions—sometimes referred to as their “carbon footprint”—the most important thing we […]

The ‘Little House’ – a Sustainable Journey

Hello there and welcome to my personal journal, chronicling some of the experiences and decisions during a major renovation to my ‘little house’ that sits patiently waiting for activity to […]