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There’s a lot of ‘stuff’ on sustainability whirling about these days – as always, here are a couple of items to read, view or experience – items which, we here at Sustainable Orillia hope you’ll find interesting.

Regenerative Agriculture is a ‘THING’ and living here in Central Ontario we have an opportunity to support this sustainable trend first-hand – click here to learn more about the benefits of Regenerative Agriculture (video)




Take a Ride on the Bus (video) – enjoy the ride – this video makes public transportation a fun experience. View Here.

Minimum Viable Planet (newsletter) – always a positive and personal take on climate change issues by Sarah Lazarovic – if you aren’t already a subscriber, click here to preview and learn more.

Under the Sky We Make (book) – a professional and practical view of climate change and what we can, as individuals do about it. This review was posted earlier and is worth revisiting – click here.

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