Sustainability Sectors

We believe in a “big tent” approach in which all of the diverse interests of our community can find encouragement, tools, advice and  a place to enhance sustainability practices that mean the most to them.

With that in mind, we believe that within the sectors below (example interests shown), everyone will find a focus and will maximize community interest and engagement:

  1. Agriculture/Food – (growing, diet, local sourcing, waste, supply, sharing)
  2. Land/Water/Habitat – (carbon sink (natural sequestering), habitat, water pollution – plastics, chlorides,  nitrates, phosphates)
  3. Goods and Services  (reuse, recycling, packaging, single use plastic eco tourism, reduced carbon footprint, green marinas, carbon offsets)
  4. Housing (green, affordable, intensification, environmental manageability)
  5. Transportation, Renewable Energy and Conservation (electrification, EVs, alt transport, solar, wind)
  6. Private Sector Capital and Operations – (eco footprint of development, building and operations, socially responsible investment, carbon market/pricing)
  7. Arts and Culture (leadership in societal change – art, music, theatre, writing…)
  8. Education (Informal, Formal, and Nonformal systems targeting children to seniors)
  9. Health and Wellness (physical, mental, emotional)

Sector Chair Leaders

  • Agriculture / Food / Cropland – Bernard Pope – (Farmland Preservation)
  • Forest / Land / Water – Gord Ball, Raj Gill, Mark Bisset (Couchiching Conservancy)
  • Housing – Jim Saunders , Michael Jones (Hillcrest Lodge)
  • Goods and Services – Allan Lafontaine, Raquel Ness – (Orillia Chamber of Commerce, Orillia Lawyers)
  • Transportation, Renewable Energy and Conservation – Tony Telford (Orser Technical)
  • Development and Investment – Interim Chairs Jackie Ramler- (Raymond James-Barrie), Sophie Mathewson (Prism Group Int’l)
  • Education – Ellen Field, John Knapp, Michael Shillolo (Teachers)
  • Health and Wellness – Peter Kizoff MD, Brad Dibble, MD (Medical Doctors)
  • Arts and Culture – Gillian Lowry, Samantha Dewaele (Artists)