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Hi there – here are some assorted articles and a video that you may find both informative and interesting.  If so, we’d love to hear from you with your suggested references.  Many thanks and share, share, share…  Sustainable Orillia. 

Waste not, want not!  From CBC Arts Reporter, Leah Collins … here’s a recent report out of Winnipeg featuring a creative reuse centre that has been helping local artists and craftspeople repurpose and find inspiration and materials since 


We all have insurance – and as claims from climate damage are on the rise, the insurance industry has an opportunity to lead in making reparations and replacements more sustainable. This short (4 min 17 sec) video shares how one member of the insurance community, working with their vendors and clients plans to be ‘net-zero’ by 2040.

From their “No Safe Place” series, Globe and Mail reporters, Kathryn Blaze Baum, Ann Hui, Adam Rawanski and Ivan Semeniuk  have collaborated to produce this comprehensive article about how climate change will change our country over the next few decades.   First published in the Globe and Mail on February 27, 2022 – you may have already read it, however there is so much relevant content in this visionary article … that here is it again. Credit for the beautiful illustration goes to artist Camille Pomerlo.

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