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It’s February! Happy Valentine’s Day!
And Happy Waste Management!
Orillia has won many awards for its waste management programs. But waste management only works if we all DO the work!

Receylcing bins at St. Paul’s CentreDo you have a proper waste station set up in your home, gallery, studio, or arts business? Here is a photo of what yours could look like.

The above picture is courtesy of the Green Team at St. Paul’s Centre, who have been working hard to make St. Paul’s as green as possible every day and during special events. Good job St. Paul’s Green Team!

Don’t forget to also set up an information sheet on what goes into which bin, so that your customers can help you get into the waste management mode! You can find all the info on what Orillia accepts on the City of Orillia website.

If you have a smaller gallery, consider using smaller containers, and if you don’t have a large compost bin to take to the curb, maybe you can share with fellow gallery owners, OR take your small bag of compost home with you.

There are lots of solutions and working together makes it all possible.

Please send us YOUR sustainable arts and culture tips, and/or pictures of you implementing some of our suggestions at your home, gallery, or other workplace, to

Thanks for reading!

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