What’s New @ Sustainable Orillia?

Lots and let’s start with some exciting news – Orillia Matters has nominated both Sustainable Orillia and the Sustainable Orillia Youth Council for their newly launched “Community Builders’ Awards”. Sustainable Orillia was nominated for the Environment category and our Youth Council was nominated in the Young Leader category.  Our thanks to the team at Orillia Matters (and Village Media) for considering us as part of their program. 

More news – Sustainable Orillia recently completed a bylaw review. Led by board member, Bruce Waite, the review’s recommendations will bring improved clarity and manageability to our governance structure. As we head into our fifth year of operation – streamlining and strengthening our governance structure represents a welcome improvement.

Change is in the air – as SO’s founding President, Stan Mathewson has decided to step down from his role as President and is taking on the leadership role for the Infrastructure and Energy Sector team. Stan’s leadership has been at the heart of SO’s survival and successes since its founding in 2019. It’s taken courage, conviction and tonnes of time to build the team around a set of relevant and actionable strategies. Many, many thanks to Stan for his amazing leadership and purpose. We are so glad you will continue to play a key leadership role within the organization.

Watch for another update in April, when we announce Sustainable Orillia’s new President and confirm SO’s Board of Directors for the next fiscal year.

Please take a look at Stan’s message in this newsletter – you’ll get a good sense of two major programs coming up this year … the “New Lens on Carbon” seminar series and bigger and better than ever, our 5th Annual Electric Vehicle Show.

Along with year-long communications on SO activities, supporters will be invited to a Community Conference during Sustainable Orillia Month (September) … that will include presentations on SO’s 2023 activities and achievements; guest speakers, a workshop on 2024 priorities and dare we suggest – a celebration and toast to the sustainability movement here in Orillia.

It’s not really news – but worth reminding readers, that SO continues to work with our Mayor, City Council and Staff, in support of their long-term climate action strategy – Orillia’s Climate Future. We are fortunate in Orillia to have municipal leadership (past and present) who understand the threat of climate change and recognize the need to act now to reduce our carbon emissions and protect our quality of life for all residents, current and future. This year, we will continue to seek out opportunities to inform and influence more and more of our neighbours, local businesses and organizations to make important changes in support of a net-zero future.

To be continued…

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