Don’t Look Up…

Last month, Netflix premiered a feature film called ‘Don’t Look Up’.   There are many reasons to watch this film, including great performances by Leonardo di Caprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl […]

Strawberries in the middle of Winter

The title of this article is taken from a recent interview with David Suzuki and his wife, Tara Cullis. The article was full of insight and reflections; however, it was […]

A Year-End Update on Orillia’s Climate Future Project

The most significant sustainability initiative currently underway in Orillia is the development of a Community Climate Change Action Plan (CCCAP).  This plan, now appropriately christened ‘Orillia’s Climate Future’, is being […]

Thinking About a Home Retrofit? Consider this

by Mike Jones, retired engineer Building construction is responsible for a massive 40% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Given that about 80% of the 40% of the emissions come […]