On the Road to Net Zero…

As Sustainable Orillia Month 2022 winds down and we head into another beautiful Canadian autumn … this is an ideal time to recommit to reducing our personal, business and municipal carbon emissions. There were a lot of learnings, plus terrific engagement by Orillia citizens throughout our September program which was very encouraging.   However,  it is a long journey and one that requires everyone to get on board if we are to achieve our goal of Net Zero emissions by 2050.

Sustainable Orillia; a network of your friends, neighbours and fellow citizens will continue to beat the drum, to provide information and venues for more and more Orillians to participate in making the requisite changes to beat back the consequences of climate change.  We are optimistic, but we need your help and involvement. 

Sometimes as individuals we feel as though we are spinning our wheels or that our voices aren’t heard, or our actions don’t matter.   Understandable…  but not true.   There is a tipping point coming, very soon … when all of a sudden, wide swaths of the general population and the governments they elect will stop just talking about emission reductions and sustainability, and seriously do something about it – on all levels.   As they say in the movies … ‘resistance is futile’ and so is denial!  Climate change is real and it’s already here. 

Thank you for your interest and for supporting Sustainable Orillia and our fellow organizations such as Green Orillia, the Couchiching Conservancy, Rescue Lake Simcoe Coalition and the Simcoe. County Greenbelt Coalition, along with others in our all efforts to raise awareness of this existential threat and the many, many ways each of us can contribute.   

Join us on the Road to Net Zero.  

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