Trees – Our Partners in Sustainability

Trees. We see them every day in our part of the world, whether we’re walking downtown, driving from here to Coldwater, or part of the traffic heading north from Toronto on Fridays in the summer. Yep, there are probably hundreds of them visible from wherever you are in this part of Canada. That’s why no […]

Be a Hummingbird Hero

Orillia’s Hummingbird Heroes  There’s an old story told in Africa about a hummingbird and a forest fire. Alone among the animals, the hummingbird carries water in its tiny beak to help fight the fire. When the other animals point out that it is doing so little against the fire, the hummingbird replies, “I am doing […]

Spring, 2021—a time for renewal!

cherry blossoms in spring

It’s April. As the days warm and daylight lasts longer into the evening, as the snow melts and earth reappears, as tiny shoots push up from the ground into the warmth of the sunshine, spring brings, for most people, a surge in spirits, a restored sense of life itself. After a long, cold winter, once […]