The Road to Net Zero

The Road to Net Zero Welcome to Sustainable Orillia’s Web-site. We are  a network of citizens – committed to improving the quality of life, the health and wellness, and the environment […]

Five tips for a Sustainable Festive Season

While any time is the right time to cut back on a few of our traditional excesses, this season is especially fraught with over-consumption. Are we making sustainable choices? Can […]

Local Youth are Leading Change

Two local high school students have been selected to participate in a significant national research project.  Blythe Wieclawek and Weiqi Xu, both members of Sustainable Orillia’s Youth Council and Grade […]

Reducing our Emissions at Home

Housing—Sustainable Orillia’s focus for the fourth quarter of 2021  Sustainable Orillia has determined that “housing” will be our theme for the 4th quarter of 2021 (October-November-December).  Readers will find that […]

September is Sustainable Orillia Month for 2021

September is Sustainable Orillia month

The impacts of Climate Change are already here. What needs to happen next? It’s official. Climate change is underway. If there was any doubt, the latest report from the International […]

Trees – Our Partners in Sustainability

Pine forest with mountains in the background

Trees. We see them every day in our part of the world, whether we’re walking downtown, driving from here to Coldwater, or part of the traffic heading north from Toronto […]

Be a Hummingbird Hero

Orillia’s Hummingbird Heroes  There’s an old story told in Africa about a hummingbird and a forest fire. Alone among the animals, the hummingbird carries water in its tiny beak to […]

Spring, 2021—a time for renewal!

cherry blossoms in spring

It’s April. As the days warm and daylight lasts longer into the evening, as the snow melts and earth reappears, as tiny shoots push up from the ground into the […]