Climate change is “a spiritual crisis”

Dr. Ted Reeve is a social ethicist, educator, and minister in The United Church of Canada. For the past eight years he has been the coordinating minister at St. Paul’s […]

John Knapp – A Tribute and a Thank-You

John Knapp, a member of the Sustainable Orillia Board, passed this past June. John was a founding member of the Board and brought us an intelligence, passion and attention to […]

Be a Hummingbird Hero

Orillia’s Hummingbird Heroes  There’s an old story told in Africa about a hummingbird and a forest fire. Alone among the animals, the hummingbird carries water in its tiny beak to […]

Celebrate the Future on Arbour Day!

Celebrate the Future on Arbour Day!   J. Sterling Morton, one of the early leaders of the Arbour Day movement, said, “Other holidays repose upon the past; Arbour Day proposes […]