Six Tips for a Sustainable New Year

While any time is the right time to cut back on some of our traditional excesses—especially following a holiday season fraught with over-consumption—a new year is a good time to […]

Make Your Voice Heard

In spite of the low voter turn-out at election time, it seems today that more Canadians are trying to make their voices heard. There are so many causes and issues […]

Five tips for a Sustainable Festive Season

While any time is the right time to cut back on a few of our traditional excesses, this season is especially fraught with over-consumption. Are we making sustainable choices? Can […]

April Showers bring May Flowers…

That’s what they say – but we all know they bring more than flowers. April showers set the stage for another gardening season here in the Orillia area, and the […]

Reducing Housing Emissions: the Easy Steps

Let’s start with a simple truth. While it’s important for citizens of Orillia and elsewhere to reduce their personal emissions—sometimes referred to as their “carbon footprint”—the most important thing we […]

Ten reasons to have climate hope

A recent article in the David Suzuki Foundation’s newsletter, Finding Solutions (Summer, 2021), presented a positive message for its readers, one that Sustainable Orillia would like to pass on to […]