Tip of the Week: Notes from a backyard, Part 2

Tip of the Week: Notes from a backyard, Part 2 – Susan McIntosh, for Sustainable Orillia Last week I wrote about the loss of local habitat which is leading to a decline in migratory bird species. So what can we do to make up for this habitat loss? Each of us can make a big […]

Tip of the Week: Notes from my Backyard, Part 1

By Susan Mctavish, for Sustainable Orillia It’s well-documented that there has been a massive decline in biodiversity over the last few decades.  Fifty years ago I saw and heard large numbers of insects, birds and other creatures I seldom see or hear now. Most of the meadows and fields that supported many species of birds […]

Orillia’s Human Hummingbirds – Christine Hager

top view of woman holding paper cut sun and planet with renewable energy sources on turquoise background

When Christine Hager sold her house, she moved into a rental complex that had a big bin at the back where residents put all their waste – recycling, compostables, paper, containers – all of it jumbled together in one, often overflowing, bin.  There was no sorting done. Worse, the lid on the container was heavy […]

Ten Top Actions for Manufacturing and Agriculture Teams

“Let’s not be too busy to save our world.” (BF Nagy, The Clean Energy Age, final sentence) One of the best books we’ve come across for ideas on how to combat the climate crisis is The Clean Energy Age: A Guide to Beating Climate Change, by BF Nagy (Rowman and Littlefield, publishers, 2018). Nagy has […]

Sustainable Spring-Cleaning – Lemon Aid!

Tip of the Week: Sustainable Spring-Cleaning – Lemon Aid!  Just about now, many of us are experiencing the urge to do some serious spring-cleaning around our homes. There’s something about sunshine coming through our windows that highlights those overlooked corners calling out for attention.   However, before you reach for some of the cleaning products […]

Tip of the Week: Is it time to renew our commitment to citizenship?

Canadian Flag

The Sustainable Orillia theme for April-May-June is “renewal,” a theme natural to the spring time of the year and especially poignant in 2021 as we try to recover from over a year of trying to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. And what a year it has been! In addition to the steady stream of COVID […]

How to Avoid Bird Strikes

Tip of the Week: Avoiding bird strikes on your windows – by Kari Klassen for Sustainable Orillia COVID-19 has brought some unexpected experiences, but a sudden rise in concern for the safety of migratory birds was not exactly predictable. In fact, it came as a surprise to Michael Mesure, Executive Director and Co-Founder of FLAP […]

Food Systems Responsible for a Third of Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Sunflower oil factory farm

A new study, published in Nature Food and conducted by researchers from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, found that food systems are responsible for about one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions. The study examined every stage of the global food chain from production to consumption. Predictably, […]

Happiness and Sustainability Go Hand-in-Hand…

Family walking in a summer park

“I have decided to be happy because it is good for my health.” (Voltaire) As greetings of Happy New Year fade into recent history – let’s take a moment to explore what ‘happiness’ can mean to all of us and how it relates to realizing a healthier life-style and ultimately a healthier planet. The thesis […]