April Showers bring May Flowers…

That’s what they say – but we all know they bring more than flowers. April showers set the stage for another gardening season here in the Orillia area, and the […]

Reducing Housing Emissions: the Easy Steps

Let’s start with a simple truth. While it’s important for citizens of Orillia and elsewhere to reduce their personal emissions—sometimes referred to as their “carbon footprint”—the most important thing we […]

Ten reasons to have climate hope

A recent article in the David Suzuki Foundation’s newsletter, Finding Solutions (Summer, 2021), presented a positive message for its readers, one that Sustainable Orillia would like to pass on to […]

Tip of the Week: More trees = less crime?

Recent Sustainable Orillia articles and “Tips of the Week” have examined, on the one hand, the relationship between student achievement and the presence of mature trees on school grounds and, […]