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TIP OF THE WEEK: Say NO to single-use plastic bottles!

Coca-Cola was recently named the most polluting brand in the world. Close behind were Nestle and PepsiCo. That’s no surprise, though – Coca-Cola itself recently disclosed that it produces three million tonnes of plastic annually.

Plastic is found everywhere, but one of the most common applications is packaging for drinks, including water.

Studies show only nine per cent of all plastic waste is ever recycled.

The good news is Coca-Cola and other soft drink makers have signed on to a partnership which advocates for a “circular economy,” where nothing is wasted.

In some places, retailers use a system where consumers

pay an indirect deposit (i.e. a fee built into the price) when buying the drink, and upon returning the bottle, get a discount on their next purchase. The bottle is cleaned and reused. The program has seen a return rate of over 90%!

The fight against plastic bottle waste is winnable. If you haven’t yet joined the fight, why not start this week by refusing to buy water packaged in single-use plastic—and by promising yourself to never again purchase this product?


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