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Easy Ways to Help the Environment

As you may know the environment is something we need to protect. You’ve probably heard this a million times and people probably have already told you to help, but this is a climate crisis, which is why we need everyone’s help! So please read the following to learn some simple and easy ways to help the environment

Did you know that scientists are calling this a climate emergency? Which is why we need to act fast!

1. Bringing reusable bags. Who doesn’t love reusable bags? The main problem about reusable bags is that people usually forget to bring them. You could have a stack of tote bags that never get used; here is a fun way to remember to bring your reusable bag.

-You need to get into the routine of bringing them. Meaning whenever you’re about to go to the store you’ll just automatically remember to bring your bag. If we can get into the routine of remembering to bring our wallets whenever we shop we can get into the routine of remembering our bags. Maybe set a couple reminders on your phone to get used to the habit!

2. Reflect on what your eating styles are

– Food is great, is it not? Who doesn’t love food? But, if you think about it, certain foods we buy can affect the environment. For example; buying processed foods wrapped in packaging is not an environmentally friendly way to eat, try buying local produce instead, not only is it healthy but you’re helping the environment AND local farmers. So get into the habit of buying local produce to save our environment.

3. Reduce and reuse

– Here’s another way; why throw something away when you can make it into something else or donate it? So, maybe try making reusable crafts with the garbage you were about to throw out, you can also buy items made out of recycled material instead of buying your normal items, AND donating is a very awesome way as well! Just make sure you’re donating items you don’t use anymore not trash. Below you will find substitutions to your everyday plastic use.

Substitutions for items that are commonly thrown away

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