Microplastic Filter Petition


In the Great Lakes, microplastic pollution is an alarming issue for lake species and Ontarians who rely on the lakes for drinking water. One of the main causes is microfibres, which are released from clothes when we do laundry. These microfibers are not filtered out and go directly into our waterways. This petition link aims […]

Leading Today for Tomorrow – Meet Blythe Wieclawek

Blythe Swim Shot

Leading Today for Tomorrow – Meet Blythe Wieclawek. When it comes to Climate Change, today’s youth is demonstrating true strategic capacity in the pursuit of long-term, sustainable goals, while ensuring that the requisite change starts today.  This is particularly true of Blythe Wieclawek, a grade ten student at Orillia’s Twin Lakes and an active member […]

Sustainable Orillia’s Youth Council Leads the Way

Zoom screen from youth council meeting

When looking for inspiration in the fight against climate change – Orillians needn’t look any further than to local high schools, universities and colleges to find motivated young people joining forces to take on this challenge. Not only do our youth increasingly understand the science and the consequences of climate change, more than any other […]

How to Reduce Food Waste

Mesh bag with fruits

There are many ways on how to lower the amount of food you waste in a day by simply acknowledging how much food you take, thinking you will eat it all. Here are some methods on how to lower the amount of food you waste: 1)​ Shop Smarter Purchasing more food than needed results in […]

Ecological Footprint

Girl recycling paper tube

by Emily Hawton An ecological footprint is a measurement of the ecological assets that an individual requires to produce the natural resources they consume. I am going to assess my ecological footprint using footprintnetwork.org. I believe my ecological footprint will be higher than average because I drive a lot to get places and I eat […]

Unsustainable Fishing Practices in Canada

Fresh fish laid out on crushed ice in seafood market

by Emily Hawton Fishing is very important to many societies and cultures worldwide. Fishing provides sport, food for communities near bodies of water, and also provides cultural and spiritual connections. Fishing can support livelihoods but overfishing can destroy ecosystems and biodiversity. Overfishing is when more fish are caught than needed to maintain the fish population […]

Greening your Clothes Closet

Man's closet. Hangers with shirts closeup. Male wardrobe

St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone, but the idea of ‘greening’ our clothing choices is a good year-round practice. Over the past decade, we have become increasingly aware of the damaging effects mass textile production and apparel manufacturing have on the environment. For example, to produce one kilo of cotton takes 20,000 litres of […]

Easy Ways to Help the Environment

recycling symbol with recyclables

As you may know the environment is something we need to protect. You’ve probably heard this a million times and people probably have already told you to help, but this is a climate crisis, which is why we need everyone’s help! So please read the following to learn some simple and easy ways to help […]