Recognizing Youth Contributions to Sustainability

Working through the guidance departments in each of Orillia’s local high schools, we are pleased to confirm that the Sustainable Orillia Youth Council Scholarship has been rolled out for its second year. And we would like to thank the Orillia Power Corporation for partnering with us on this very important program.

Last year individual scholarships of $500 were awarded to three deserving graduating students – all of whom were active, productive members of the SOYC. From Orillia Secondary School (OSS), recipient Ceylon Auger has shared her thoughts on how the Youth Council and scholarship have influenced her lifestyle, now and in the future.

“As a recently graduated high school student, I am preparing for the independence that comes along with my post-secondary plans. For me, this includes cleaning, cooking, travel, etc. which I am settling into the idea of. My participation in the Sustainable Orillia Youth Council, as well as working at The Refillery District has given me an understanding of the importance of sustainable living for people of all ages.

Although a sustainable lifestyle can appear to take more money, work and time – you can end up saving money and reducing single-use waste. This is what inspired me to allocate part of my Sustainable Orillia Youth Council Scholarship to refilling my cooking, cleaning and travel products as well as purchasing durable, purposefully reusable items. This scholarship has allowed me to invest in my health, as well as a healthy planet and I intend to continue supporting small, sustainable businesses and initiatives – wherever my future takes me.”

Right now, Ceylon’s future plans take her to Dalhousie University where she is looking at a double major – Environmental Sciences and ESS (Environment, Sustainability and Society) where there’s no doubt Ceylon will continue to actively influence her friends and others to think and act sustainably.

If there are high school students in your household, they are very welcome to join the Sustainable Orillia Youth Council. In participating and being involved, they can become eligible for one of the three scholarships offered to graduating students each year.

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