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Ten reasons to have climate hope

A recent article in the David Suzuki Foundation’s newsletter, Finding Solutions (Summer, 2021), presented a positive message for its readers, one that Sustainable Orillia would like to pass on to our readers and supporters.  The full text of the article is reproduced below.

“Canada’s progress on climate change continues to be dangerously slow. We don’t have an ambitious target.  Canada is the only G7 country whose emissions are accelerating.  We continue to invest in expanding oil and gas infrastructure.

BUT there are good reasons to hope Canada can get on track to do its fair share to prevent climate catastrophe:

1. The cost of renewable energy is plummeting and available to more people. Solar power is now the cheapest source of electricity in history.

2. People in Canada are speaking up. A vast majority are concerned and want action.

3. The international youth-led climate movement is not backing down. Canada’s young leaders are innovating ways to fight for their future.

4. The Supreme Court affirmed that climate change is an emergency.

5. Indigenous communities are leading on the transition to renewables in creative, culturally appropriate ways and on the protection of traditional territories from fossil fuel expansion.

6. Canada strengthened and funded its climate plan. It makes polluters pay, supports clean tech development and brings in cleaner transportation and fuel standards.

7. Cities and towns are leading the way by encouraging building retrofits and energy efficiency, enabling electric vehicle charging and active transportation, and introducing road pricing and carbon budgets.

8. The U.S. is normalizing bold action. Goals and policies once seen as radical are part of the current administration’s commitments.

9. Climate action creates millions of jobs.  For every job lost in fossil fuels over the past six years, the Canadian economy created 42 new ones.

10. Climate action is addressing systemic causes and interconnected injustices. Historically marginalized people contribute the least to the problem but suffer the most.

Join the call for urgent, bold and ambitious climate action at bit.ly/demandclimateaction 

[copy the link to sign a petition].”

Sustainable Orillia is proud to support the David Suzuki Foundation in asking readers to join the call for “urgent, bold, and ambitious climate action.” Our political leaders—federal, provincial and municipal—have delayed the needed response for far too long. Action is needed now.

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