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“Now that I’ve driven an electric vehicle I will never go back to gas!”
Don’t take our word for it; hear it for yourself from owners who have plugged into the EV revolution!

"I love our 2020 Chevy Bolt! It’s very comfortable with nice high seats. A couple of nice winter features are new to us -heated steering wheel and seats! I appreciate the warning signals when getting low on battery power. Easy and convenient to charge in our home garage (level 2). Only drawback is that, for long trips, we have to plan ahead to get level 3 charging stations."

"The product launch by Elon Musk in March 2016, of the long awaited “affordable” Tesla, was all we needed to reserve a Model 3. Just over 2 years later in June of 2018 we took delivery of one of the earliest Model 3s and have never regretted the decision. We have been a “car” family forever- having owned Volvo. Jaguar, BMW, Mazda, Ford, Honda etc; but have never owned a car like the Tesla. It is simply a revolutionary ride. While the initial motivation was to get to zero emissions (Ontario’s electricity is about 96% fossil free), the bonus has been a car that performs radically differently than any ICE vehicle. The acceleration, braking, handling, available space, are all exceptional as is the reliability, styling and features. The fact that Tesla constantly improves the vehicle is remarkable. Due to regular satellite updates the care is 5% faster in acceleration, gets 5% more range and has so many more safety and convenience features than when we bought it – all free of charge. We drive about 20000km per year and spend about $300 in energy, including using the Supercharger network. Except for snow tires, there have been no other costs in almost three years of driving."

“I bought a battery electric vehicle a few years ago because I was concerned about carbon emissions. I pleasantly discovered that my EV is quiet with great pick-up and acceleration and responsive handling. Putting it simply, it’s a fun car to drive and I don’t miss standing at a gas pump filling up. I plug in at home with little effort and I cannot see myself going back to gas.”

"Can’t imagine ever driving an ICE again! Grounded, quiet, great music, incredible navigation, great range and very comfortable to drive. Installed chargers at home and the office, so charging is always convenient. Road trip to Detroit only took one stop to charge. My next Tesla S100 will just be blue instead of grey!"

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