Meet Sustainable Orillia’s Data & Project Coordinator – Jocelyn Trudell

Sustainable Orillia is pleased to introduce Jocelyn Trudell, our new Data and Project Coordinator. Jocelyn’s role as Data and Project Coordinator is central to Sustainable Orillia’s ability to work with relevant data, while providing coordinating support for the growing number of projects the organization initiates and supports.

We are fortunate to receive support for this important work through a youth employment and skills strategy program overseen by Environment and Climate Change Canada. Their funding helps support graduating students in the environmental sciences, like Jocelyn, with relevant work upon completion of their studies; their doing so is indicative of the importance placed on youth engagement in efforts to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change.

Jocelyn is originally from nearby Keswick and chose to study environmental studies at Lakehead University here in Orillia. Lakehead struck the perfect balance for Jocelyn: it allowed her to stay close to her family and offered a field of study she is passionate about, while fostering her independence. Lakehead Orillia’s smaller campus size also appealed to Jocelyn, as it encourages more personalized interactions with professors, enhancing the learning environment and building meaningful connections for the future.




Here are Jocelyn’s own words on her new role and her commitment to pursuing a career in the environmental sector:

“Hi there!
I’m Jocelyn, and I am thrilled to be a part of Sustainable Orillia’s team as their new Data and Project Coordinator. I’m eager to embark on a journey filled with community engagement, raising awareness about sustainability, and making a positive impact.

I recently graduated from Lakehead University’s (Orillia) Environmental Sustainability degree program, where I specialized in ecosystem management. Additionally, I hold a diploma in Environmental Technician from Georgian College. My educational background has equipped me with a strong foundation in sustainable practices and environmental conservation. The experience has been incredible and I’ve had the opportunity to meet wonderful people and make lifelong friends.

Beyond my academic pursuits, I’ve always been passionate about maintaining an active lifestyle. From hiking and kayaking to engaging in volleyball, hockey, fishing, and planting, I’m naturally drawn to activities that foster a connection with the outdoors. Simultaneously, I find solace in the kitchen, experimenting with cooking and baking.

I’m enthusiastic about the opportunity to contribute to Sustainable Orillia’s initiatives and to work alongside a dedicated team to create a more sustainable future for Orillia.”

Jocelyn believes the environmental sector holds immense potential for growth and continuous learning, and we are delighted to be part of her journey. She is already making a considerable difference through her actions and enthusiasm. Jocelyn can be reached to answer any questions or to discuss any suggestions you may have for Sustainable Orillia at (905) 868-6118 or ‘’

Sustainable Orillia welcomes and encourages everyone to join Jocelyn and the rest of us in the challenge to defeat climate change.

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