Now’s the Time to Plan a Pollinator Garden

With all this warm weather recently, it may feel as thought we have transitioned straight from winter to summer…  however April is famously fickle and it’s safe to assume that […]

It’s a new year and new opportunities abound!

Here in Orillia, we benefit from regular articles on written by David Hawke, one of our region’s most ardent and knowledgeable naturalists and photographers. In particular, his recent article in […]

Harvest Time is Here…

…and there is no better time than now to visit our local food providers to enjoy fresh, healthy foods, knowing that you are supporting our local farmers, ranchers and gardeners […]

How to Create a Bird-Friendly Garden – Part 2

– by Mike Jones for Sustainable Orillia Below, Sustainable Orillia’s most dedicated ‘birder,’ Mike Jones, shares more ideas on how to create a bird-friendly garden, part of our ongoing series […]

How to make your garden “bird friendly” (Part 1)

— by Mike Jones for Sustainable Orillia As you may have heard, Bird Friendly Orillia—in collaboration with local organizations such as Sustainable Orillia, Green Orillia, the Orillia Naturalists’ Club, and […]