Child walking with her Father

Two Letters to a Child of the Future*. Which of these will you write?

Sometimes we need to personalize change in order to really understand its significance. Especially when the consequences of not taking action are far off in the future. Thus, it has been the case with climate change. And now the future consequences are no longer so far off! Our grandchildren, those already born and those still to be born will be face to face with challenges that if not addressed now, will be increasingly insurmountable within several decades.The following is an excerpt from Bruce Mau’s recent book ‘Bruce Mau: MC24’ that we originally published earlier this year. Sustainable Orillia believes it captures the fork in the road many of us face with respect to climate change and its impact of our future generations. We hope it resonates with you as well.

Click on the following to consider which of these two letters you would write.

Two Letters to a Child

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